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PixelBeez Studio offers a unique set of all-in-house services resulting in stunning Product shots that impress! We have broad experience in styling and shooting Products, Foods and Drinks for commercial usage. Our team creates breathtaking visual effects by using high-speed cameras, motion control and custom motion control triggering systems.

Tabletop Commercials

We will make your products shine by creating impressive and persuasive video shots.
Our studio produces unique visual effects when filming food and products with Super Slow Motion Camera, Motion Control and custom triggering systems. Our team tells your story with the help of stop motion animations, time-lapse, motion graphics, creative video montage etc.


We create concepts for the visual presentation of your products, services and team or strictly follow your brief and guidelines. Our studio produces Commercial visuals of products, foods and drinks, Lifestyle product images, Still Life, Product shots, Portraits, Interior and Exterior etc.

Food Styling

Not only do we create a corresponding environment and composition when presenting your products, but we also use special materials and advanced Food and Liquid Styling techniques. We make your products look fresh, tasty and desirable. Our team will even create a realistic model of your product for a perfect commercial presentation.

Studio Rental

Our creative space is multifunctional and configurable and offers a functional kitchen-decor suitable for both photo and video productions. The open space and the available furniture can be arranged in different configurations in order to create a second and third kitchen decor, living or dining room, office space, or even bedroom.

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Our Work

We believe our work speaks for itself.
Browse some of our projects bellow and enjoy the visual content we deliver to our customers.


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The Studio

We are a production company that operates and creates in a multifunctional and professionally equipped studio for photo and video productions.

Professional Team

PixelBeez is a company set up of professionals and enthusiast creators gathered around a common passion for Beaty. And the beauty lies in the perfectly plated or casually scattered but deliciously looking food. It can be found in a light ray falling gracefully on a delicate detail. Our vision together with a decade of experience, impeccable organisation and perfectionism lead to the accomplishment of numerous successful projects.

Multifunctional Studio

Our creative space is multifunctional and configurable and offers a set of decors including a functional kitchen-decor suitable for the production of both photo and video commercials. Thanks to our collection of beautiful cooking and serving accessories we create modern and stylish visuals which will distinguish your brand from the competition.

Technical Equipment

Pixelbeez studio is fully provisioned with professional photography equipment, flash and continues LED lighting, Super-slow motion camera Chronos 2.1, High-speed camera motion control robot LOKI, custom grip and motion control triggering systems. The spacious 150 square meters studio space and the 70 square meters terrace introduce limitless possibilities for both internal and external productions.

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Our team of stylists, photographers and videographers with the help of our freelance partners, allows us to produce diverse commercial productions in help of the Business to visually present its products and services.

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Our Clients

Some of the clients we have had the privilege to work with.

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  • 3 Kadin Vrah street, Reduta-Poduyane, 1505 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • (+359) 888 203 300, (+359) 888 961 189
  • contact@pixelbeez.com
  • www.pixelbeez.com

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